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Hello, I am Shiel Snow, the Principal of Iyasu Tsubasa Gakuen.
Please allow me to be the first one to welcome you to ITG.

This school was created for people like you, with special abilities that aren't common among other humans.
So please, make yourself at home, and be kind to your peers that also reside here.
I hope you will find this academy comfortable and peaceful.

The staff, as well as myself are doing our best to keep everyone safe and happy.

To that end- I must be taking my leave.
I wish you the best of luck here.


Somatic: 6/20
Mental: 7/20
Elemental: 7/20
Transform/summoning: 10/20
Special: 17/20

Info about divisions

Somatic- Abilities that have to do with enhanced body functions
(example: Super speed, jumping high, super strength etc)

Mental- Abilities that uses the mind
(example: reading minds, telekinesis, super intelligence etc)

Elemental- Controlling/manipulating elements
(example: snow, wind, earth control)

Summoning/ Transform- Summoning or transforming into various things.

Special Abilities that don't quite fit into the above 4 categories.
(example: talking to plants, drawings coming to life, changing things into different colors)

However, you cannot master everything in your division; for example:
"I can control all elements"
"I can transform into anything"
"I can do anything I want with my mind"
are prohibited to students. (since that's no fun if everyone can do everything-)
If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to note the staff members.

Here is our chatroom!…







K31T0 | Fuumeh | OtakuPup | Ghurahm| Chanz-diri

The selected roles don't have any members!
To the students of ITG:
the contest results are here!!!
Sorry for the wait, and congratulations to the winners!
The winners were picked based on how well the drawing fit the category- it was not about skill or hawtness

So without further ado, we proudly present the winners of Halloween contest 2015!

Cute: {ITG Halloween Event } Nyan Nyan Nyan by JennyLoveCookies (please note OtakuPup for your prize!!)

Scary: :thumb571103654: (please note K31T0 for your prize!!)

Comedy: ITG: Halloween Event by Wiwi-Chii (please note Chanz-diri  for your prize!!)

Best costume: Akari Ruka-Circus Girl Halloween by BerserkAmanojaku (please note Ghurahm  for your prize!!)

Cool/dramatic: Trick or Treat! by arieoll (please not Fuumeh  for your prize!!)

Unfortunately, no one submitted an entry into the story based category- so Snow-Lantern  could not pick a winner for that.
Instead she decided to pick her a few she liked out of the entries!  (I hope that's okay)
[ITG]: Halloween Event by moochiface :thumb570649703:
(the owners of the entries above: please note Snow-Lantern for your prize!!)

**The teachers already have a prize pre-picked- (you are not picking what you want e.g "I want a bust up , I want a chibi") instead, please title the note: "ITG Halloween contest prize" and send them a ref of the character you want!**

Thanks again to everyone who participated!!
There will be more events to come, so please keep your eyes open for those <3333
Happy (late) Halloween!!

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I'm extremely inactive with this group, and I love it to pieces, but I'm afraid I have to leave T_T I'm sorry!
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Hello! I don't know if this group is still active, but I have a question!

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I'm planing to join this group, but i was wondering if it's still active or not
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Snow-Lantern I just want to say that i will quit the Club, thank you for the time here!
Byeee! kaomoji set 2 14/67 
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Oh dear, I'm late but I hope you have a good summer if it's summer there and good luck with everything ! ♥
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